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The Interpersonal Institute

Erin Keeley (MS) – Founder | Culture Engineer | Executive Consultant | Relationship Coach

We at Interpersonal Institute work with start-ups, technology firms and health and wellness businesses to create purposeful cultures that foster profitable businesses where talented employees thrive. Interpersonal Institute consists of Erin and other facilitators that she brings in, depending on the custom project. 

Our specialty is creating deeply engaged virtual teams where millennials, women, and minorities thrive!

Culture problems create other problems: very expensive ones. A culture problem is like cock-roaches: once they reach critical mass, there is no going back. You lose your best people when your culture goes sour. The solution is to catch it early before the culture problems are running your business… instead of you.(Erin also coaches Gifted Women Leaders One-on-One).

The reality is: Without team cohesion, especially in your upper-level management team, you have no business at all.

“Erin combines her highly trained engineering mind with her cutting edge soft skills to up-level cultures to meet the fast-paced, innovative needs of the modern world.”


Why Invest in Culture Engineering?

In 2016, Erin conducted her own study of 32 women in STEM and found that the biggest reason for job dissatisfaction or deciding to leave a job came from having to tolerate toxic cultures with unconscious biases, emotionless environments (interpersonally cold, and a lack of collaboration; not from having to balance family and work or from a lack in interest in the job itself. The work places that lost these talented individuals suffered huge financial consequences as a result of this dynamic. As a previous Engineer and Scientist herself, Erin knows this pattern well.

Reasons for female employee dissatisfaction in STEM jobs, 2016.

Erin left her work in STEM because she knew that in order to tolerate the cultures, she’d have to change her personality and therefore give up the very talent that made her good at what she did.

It’s astonishing how many talented people, especially millennials, women and minorities, leave jobs because of accidental cultures that foster high levels of emotional labor and a lack of personal connection. 

Everyone knows that soft skills make all the difference in company sustainability. The newest research from Harvard University shows that creating psychologically safe cultures is the number one element that improves product and service quality. It is also the number one factor that saves lives in the medical industry.

But understanding how to intentionally create cultural containers of norms, systems, the right people, and behavior is an expertise that is beyond what typical human resources services can offer. 

Culture engineering requires knowing how to create welcoming systems and norms without sacrificing productivity and expectations. And it requires having the interpersonal expertise to be able to confront difficult people and teams without throwing them into shame and fight or flight. 

Emotional labor does not have to be something that we just tolerate every day. In fact, in our fast-paced innovative age, high levels of emotional labor inhibit employees’ mental capacity to execute and innovate: the two most important qualities needed to sustain business in this modern era.

“Employee satisfaction” comes from a sense of being needed for one’s talent, being part of something larger that matters, being able to be productive, and last but not least; being in relationships that are meaningful and safe.”

Creating teams that thrive and retain and engage talented individuals is what Erin does best. 

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”. – Simon Sinek


Who is Erin?

Erin Keeley has an inspiring life story of tenacity that began with studying climate change in Antarctica for her Master’s in Engineering and then took a sudden turn when her brother, also an engineer, took his own life in 2002. Instead of going on to complete her PhD, she decided to dedicate her life to understanding how our culture contributes to individual pain and suffering. She has since dedicated her life to human services that make cultural differences and create more life satisfaction for individuals.

Beyond her Master’s degree, Erin is a certified Authentic Relationship Coach and is trained in multiple methods of Executive Coaching and Organizational Health Consulting. She is trained in Polarity Management and also a Professional Secondary Teacher for the state of Colorado, trained in Experiential Learning Outward Bound and an ERYT-500 Yoga Teacher (Teacher Training credentialed). She is currently in training with The Gottman Institute (TGI) – “A research-based approach to relationships” in order to apply relationship therapy tools to workplaces and others that she coaches and is working on her Organizational Psychology degree online.

Over the years she has immersed herself in a multidisciplinary education that includes leadership, the sciences, business, psychology, relationships, yoga, women’s studies, gifted and talented struggles, culture and education. She is a public speaker for women’s leadership, yoga and interpersonal growth. Erin’s superpower is her keen ability to see blind-spots in organizations, teams and individuals. Once a blind-spot (an unconscious pattern that is sabotaging a goal) is identified, she creates the psychological safety for teams to fearlessly face their problems head-on and make powerful changes that stick. When Erin is on your team, look out! She doesn’t settle: She will make sure you meet your goals. 

In her free time, you’ll find Erin reading books of all sort, outdoors adventuring, mentoring young women, traveling the world as a traditional rock-climber, doing Gyrotonics®, spending time with her family, traveling and generally savoring life in all it has to offer.

”I offer systemic and individual solutions to one of our most pressing cultural problems: isolation and depression that roots in a lack of understanding how to engage meaningful human connection.”

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