• Attachment, Personality, Intimacy, & Conflict Style quizzes

  • Team Efficacy Assessments online through the Gottman Institute

  • 2 x Individual 45 min sessions

  • 1 x Team 90 min session (Go over patterns, pin-point the pain gap, map a possible plan)

  • Custom Team Building Diagnostics Map

If you’d like to know more first, feel free to schedule a 30 minute Consultation Call on Erin’s “Contact” page.

What Team Building entails:

Doing “team” is a skillset. Let’s get down to brass tacks!
During the full program you’ll learn the basics to:

  • Level Power Struggles

  • Have solid tools to handle conflict and to repair afterwards

  • Discover your Strategic Focus as a Team

  • Learn the three main aspects of a team that keep it together over time

  • Learn simple to use communication tools that create a feeling of “being seen”

  • Learn the secrets of what causes the feeling of “allies” to happen and what does not.

  • Get clear on your roles and each other’s hidden needs


Not ready to commit to the Team Building part, but curious how your relationship might be “measured”?

This is the best way to get your partner’s buy-in on doing the work if they are feeling resistant, skeptical or needing time to develop trust with Erin and the process.