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Team Building

Team Building for Couples & Families

Nothing like a quarantine pressure cooker to have all your relational patterns magnified, eh? I have been getting requests for “couples team building” since everyone is working at home. Right now, your team is at home instead of at the office… so why not!?

Is your relationship strained right now, but you don’t want to do therapy?
Having an ally during a crisis is the best feeling in the world. You deserve that.

Sometimes we don’t need therapy: all we need to do is learn the tools that teach us to operate like a team.

American culture teaches us how to be independent and competitive… It does not teach us how to be in relationship. This doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you. It just means that we could all use some modern and efficacious team building skills.

Erin is an Authentic Team Building expert for businesses- this is a more masculine approach to relationship work, which makes it more accessible to those who are not “broken” but do want to learn to be in relationship in a way that that feels good and works for both people.

Doing “team” is a skill-set. No one is born a master at relationships.


The Full 3 Month Program Includes:

Us being in contact for the full month through sessions, curriculum, accountability via walkie talkie app (not like therapy-> I support you consistently over time.)

  • Assessment:
    • Attachment, Personality, Intimacy, & Conflict Style Assessments
    • Team Efficacy Assessments online through the Gottman Institute
    • 2 x Individual 45 min sessions during the first week
  • 1 x Team 90 min session (Go over patterns, pin-point the pain gap, map a possible plan)- Week One
  • Custom Team Building Diagnostics Map
  • 11 x Team 60 min sessions over 3 months
  • “What to do during/after a break-down” Cheat Sheet
  • Communication Team Cohesion Builder Cheat Sheet
  • Weekly Homework assignments (easy and integrated into your life)
  • Custom Book list
  • Your Program organized into a Google Folder just for you

If you’d like to know more first, feel free to schedule a 30 minute Consultation Call on Erin’s “Contact” page.


During the full program you’ll learn the basics to:

  • Level Power Struggles
  • Have solid tools to handle conflict and to repair afterwards
  • Discover your Strategic Focus as a Team
  • Learn the three main aspects of a team that keep it together over time
  • Learn simple to use communication tools that create a feeling of “being seen”
  • Learn the secrets of what causes the feeling of “allies” to happen and what does not.
  • Get clear on your roles and each other’s hidden needs

Why spend money on relationship?

  • Make more money over time: Research shows clearly that secure functioning teams make more profit and lose less money to wasted time and mistakes
  • Reduce cortisol and boost oxytocin and serotonin: Get sick less and age more gracefully. It’s all about the cortisol!
  • Have your home feel comforting instead of stressful. Who wants to go home to a tortuous household?
  • Personal growth on steroids: The right kind of relationship development will show you where your hidden blind-spots are and leave you feeling less shame and more comfortable with who you are.

***Payment plans available by request!

What people say after Family Team Building:

“He/she heard me! They understood me!”

“I know I’m not the problem all the time now. I also know that he/she isn’t the problem either: It’s our dynamic and our lack of knowing how to handle things when we turn into “lizard brains” “

“We have a map to become allies again.”

“I feel hope for what we can create together now.”

“I can communicate my feelings and needs and he/she gets it!”

Team Building for Families is a taster of what is to come from The Interpersonal Institute –
“Interpersonal Intelligence Systems and Skills for Professionals”


During our session I felt cared for and held in a very protected space, my body completely relaxed which is really unusual for me and I think I went into an Alpha state toward the end while our eyes were closed. I felt heard and glad to say aloud what my stumbling blocks are. I felt trust. Upon leaving I felt clear and upbeat and inspired to give myself freedom, not chastise the person I am but be gentle and loving even while I'm not quite there yet."
Lauren Taylor

Team Building: Diagnostics Only

Not ready to commit to the Team Building part, but curious how your relationship might be “measured”?

This is the best way to get your partner’s buy-in on doing the work if they are feeling resistant, skeptical or needing time to develop trust with Erin and the process.


  • Attachment, Personality, Intimacy, & Conflict Style quizzes

  • Team Efficacy Assessments online through the Gottman Institute

  • 2 x Individual 45 min sessions

  • 1 x Team 90 min session (Go over patterns, pin-point the pain gap, map a possible plan)

  • Custom Team Building Diagnostics Map